Saturday, May 2, 2009

Images from Southern Illinois

John is sending photos from the area (Southern Illinois). I can't quite get my mind around what it will be like to be there, but I'm intrigued. This is where John is working - the Coffeen Coal Plant ...
Here is some of the surrounding farmland ...
This is my favorite:
And then there are sites like this:

Supposedly there is a Federal Prison and a Christian College in the area (they go together, you know). All so very interesting.

Jubilee and I are still shooting to make our trek the last of May.

I would be remiss if I didn't post this photo of the Pontiac. Last November, on our way to Thanksgiving dinner in Mohamet, we noticed an old car place from the highway. On his first weekend in Illinois, John paid it a proper visit.

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  1. A dear old friend grew up in Valmyre, IL on a farm. He told me it overlooked the bluffs along the Mississippi. I recall they had some natural disaster issues there a few years ago. Is Valmyre in the area of Southern Illinois where John is working?