Tuesday, June 23, 2009

apricot jam and next door neighbors

I love my next door neighbor, Leanne. She and her husband and 3 children live in the house behind us. Niam is almost 6, Eleanor just turned 4, and there is a little baby not yet 1. The parents are always smiling and the children are always talking excitedly, especially Eleanor. There is something different/special about them that I can't quite put my finger on. I suspect that they are (God Forbid) "Christian". They are trying to homeschool the children. I get to know them a little more every day.

Last night Leanne brought over apricots that are falling from her tree. She also brought an easy recipe for apricot jam, so today I made it. It will be really good with yogurt.


  1. Hi Beth!
    I just returned from Chicago yesterday--a 13 hour trip from O'Hare to West Palm--yuck!!!!
    I love Navy Pier and the river cruises. Did you go on the Wendella cruise?
    Did you guys get any of the bad weather--winds and tornadoes,etc? We did. Pretty scary.

  2. hI Jane I don.t know what kind of cruise it was - it was called an architecture tour. we had bad weather friday nite, and then again today. lots of wind and thunder and rain.