Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Life in Greenville (continued)

A cold front moved through and the last 2 or 3 days have been amazingly cooler, not humid, and breezy. If the whole of summer could be like this! These are like our best winter days in Florida.

I hesitate to turn on the radio or TV, because the chatter and noise seems almost a sacrilege to the quietness of the days. Children play on the sidewalks, occasionally a car goes by, but I find that a deep silence predominates in the neighborhood. Maybe it is the big trees. Or that there is no major highway around.

I do my chores, go to Curves and the morning Mass, work on my websites and my story about Florida's Felony Murder Rule. Sometimes I take Jubilee to a nearby park for a hike in the woods, or I go to the pool for a swim. An easy (idyllic?) life. It's hard to imagine that more important things are taking place elsewhere.

This is an outdoor "stove" at nearby Patriot's Park. When John and Jubilee found this back door in the stove, John said: "Hansel and Gretal"?

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