Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Best Kept Secret in Greenville

Nobody there but me and my European dog. Where is everybody??!! John said today that this is the only town he had ever lived in that didn't have its own watering hole. Maybe we haven't found it yet?


  1. I recall the port of Uddevalla, Sweden had no watering hole either. I was there once when travelling with my then-husband on his merchant ship. He doesn't drink alcohol (not even beer -- somewhat of an oddity for a German) so he found it all rather funny. The rest of the seamen were greatly disappointed. However, there is always plenty of beer on a German ship. Like dry counties in the USA, Sweden has very strict alcohol control laws. Or it did when I was there decades ago.

  2. It makes it particularly hard for outsiders, like us, to meet the local people. I find it rather strange.