Monday, July 20, 2009

The Honeymoon Suite

In the house that we are renting there is an upstairs room. We rarely go up there, since it is on a separate air conditioning system, and we really have no need for the extra room. We don't even have access to the stairs going up there unless I go to the front foyer where the mail comes in through a slot in the door. It's not easy to describe the confoluted layout of the house. There's a door from the front porch that goes through a bathroom to the basement.

Jubilee is fascinated with this upstairs room. Whenever I open the door to the front hallway she makes a beeline up the stairs and there's no simple calling her down. She seems to think that this room was made for her!

I sure hope the landlord never sees this blog!


  1. The bedlinen obviously agrees with Jubilee's taste!

  2. Yes. Very fancy in a gaudy sort of way. She thinks she's a queen! There are also white fur rugs on the floor that she is quite fond of.