Thursday, July 30, 2009


(Photos take during a walk around the block in Greenville IL, July 30)
Someone told me that there must be a “Greenville” in every state. I don’t know about that. But I do know that Greenville Illinois is “green”, at least in the summertime.
I suppose I grew up with all these kinds of big trees around me in Kentucky, but I don’t remember noticing them as much as I do this summer in Greenville. The trees are large presences, standing guard at the street and towering over the houses.

The house next door is so shrouded in the shade from these trees that I think it must be cool inside all the time.

Just in the one block around our house there are so many trees, every one different. The really big ones are Elms (I think). There are a lot of them around, each with its own personality. This place must be a sight in the autumn when all the leaves fall.

Even the bark is fascinating and seems to have its own story to tell. Imagining the giant roots going way down into the ground is almost scary.

I think this “twin” is an oak. It feels mighty, indeed.

Every day I get at least one apple from this tree.


  1. These are the ultimate pin-up pictures for a nature lover. I look at trees wherever I go. Their strength and majesty add an element of peace wherever they stand.

  2. Thanks, Larry, and thanks for stopping by. The trees really have gotten my attention here, they really do feel like presences, each with their own personality. I would say that the seem like "angels" or something, but I don't ordinarily talk in those terms :-)